A Survival game with no Enemies

Hey everyone, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. I am so tired today, it feels like I have been awake every night for the past week. I hung my lantern up in my half built shack last night and tried to sleep but just couldn’t. I am starting to confuse you yet? Good. I have been playing an Early Access survival game called Walden this week, where the player gets to explore the forest, go fishing in a nice fresh stream and even have a hangout session with Ralph Waldo Emerson. Sound like fun? It is, until dark.

Walden is based on the classic literary work (say it with me) Walden. In the game you can actually complete the work yourself by finding arrowheads scattered around the map all whilst you are chopping down trees with an axe borrowed from a friend and filling your berry sack with fresh berries of every kind. I have not yet found out if you really need to eat the berries, or if the whole malnutrition thing has yet to be properly applied to the game. Thoreau gets tires if you do to much (did I mention you play as philosopher Henry David Thoreau?) and will pass out, but you can easily regain your stamina from reading books in a secluded area or just by resting by a fire.

There is a really cool exploration aspect too. As this is a survival/education game, you will find information about all the flora and fauna in the game as well as some interesting texts to read from days yonder. A very promising game that seems to be doing well for itself, and being on Early Access can only keep doing better.

Henry David Thoreau