The Perfect Movie Night

Hey everyone, welcome to my hobbies and leisure blog. It’s another rainy spring day for me, and I decided to make the best out of it. I am holding a movie night tonight that will feature all the best food, drinks, snack food and of course movies. Rainy nights are perfect for movies, it makes you feel like you aren’t wasting your time and it takes away the rainy day blues. Add in a nice dinner of comfort food ate while sitting on the couch or laying in bed, some nice drinks to make the movies seem even better and your favourite snacks to keep you going all night long. Here is my must have list for the perfect rainy day movie night.


Comfort food for Dinner

If you are going to be trying to make up for not having a great night out and eating some great food out, then you need to make some amazing food in! I like to make myself a nice big bowl of either pasta or soup and combine that with an amazing and gigantic sandwich. With a soup a like a cold sandwich and with pasta I prefer a hot sandwich, and a bit of chips with a hot sandwich is always prefered.


Great Movies

Obviously you need some great movies to have a perfect movie night. I try to avoid anything with too much water, like Waterworld or and pirate movie. I find the best movies are action comedy movies, sometimes with a goofy childlike theme. With it being Easter weekend I will end up watching the Easter Beagle special, which is an obvious feel good movie. There are no real rules here, just make sure you pick something you will enjoy! Enjoy your movie!


movie night