How to make the perfect cup of coffee

How to make the perfect cup of coffee

Hey guys and gals, hope you are all swell. Welcome back to another post on my hobbies and leisure blog! Today I had a real desire to post about something I thought about when brewing my morning coffee; morning coffee. I consider myself somewhat a connoisseur of coffee, more because I like to drink it strong and in high quantities than anything else. I used to just go down to road and grab a Tim Hortons coffee, but since moving away from home I have had to take matters into my own hands. Coffee is a great way to start the day, and something that I take with me no matter what hobby I am about to embark on. So without further ado, here is a step by step guide on how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

The Recipe

Boil Water- Water, in a pot, on the stove. No water heaters or anything like that.

Add Coffee- Take you french press(if you don’t have one then I don’t even know why you are here and not buying one) and add six tablespoons of finely ground coffee to it. I won’t be a stickler to what kind of coffee, just finely ground.

Pour in the water-Slowly add the water to the press until just below the bottom line for the lid.

Wait, then press- You have to wait at least 5 minutes for the coffee to steep properly, maybe even longer. After waiting press down very slowly as to not make a mess, then pull back up when you are around halfway then press down slowly again.

Enjoy- Pour yourself a nice cup of joe and enjoy it! Make sure the check for any bits left from the press!

That’s it, 5 steps to the perfect coffee. Try it out and let me know what you think. Talk you to all again next time.

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