Movies I want to Watch

What’s up everyone, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. This is a post for those movies fans out there, although I don’t want any spoilers in the comments section. I have been pretty busy this year and I should have some time soon to do all the things that I wanted to do. I can watch some movies, read some books, play some games or whatever. Well, I know I will be watching movies. I have been looking at all the new releases coming out in the past six months, and I have compiled a good list of movies I really want to watch, when I have the time. 


I love wolverine. I love his invulnerability, his animal rage, I love everything about him. Well, except for the fact that they cannot give him a proper origin movie. We had both X-men Origins: Wolverine and then just Wolverine, both of which were pretty bad. FInally something good comes out, something deserving for a character that is so cool. Hopefully Hugh Jackman is still up for the job. 

Hacksaw Ridge

I have watched 2 new movies lately, and neither of them were the ones I really wanted to see. You know why? “That looks too violent”. Which I cannot deny, yes a movie about a World War II medic is going to be violent and most likely very, very bloody. But Hacksaw Ridge is more than just the story of a war medic. This movies is the story of a pacifist war medic, and the only person in history to be awarded the Medal of Honor while not killing anyone in battle. While it may be a war movie, this seems like it is also a peace movie.

hacksaw ridge