Great Marvel Video Games

Great Marvel Video Games

Hello there everybody and welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. Any of my loyal readers will know that I am a huge fan of super heroes. I love Batman, Punisher, Green Lantern, Deadpool I like them all really. I try to play as many video games with superheroes in it as I can, the same I do with movies and TV shows. Sometimes you get a real masterpiece of a game, and sometimes you get complete and utter garbage. After spending lots of time going through the different Marvel games that have come out lately, I picked out some of the best used Marvel games I could find on and I compiled this list of some great Marvel games to try and pick out amongst all the garbage video games about superheroes. 

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

This game is just amazing. For any of you poor souls who have never played this amazing game, Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a game that lets you make a team of four super heroes out of a total 39 (including unlockable heroes and console exclusive heroes). This includes extremely popular heroes such as Thor and Captain America as well as some more obscure heroes like Ronin and Namor. I bought a copy of this game online off of so that I could play through with the characters only available on the PS3. I played this originally on the Xbox 360 so playing it through with other characters is really exciting! 

marvel ultimate alliance characters 

Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Does anyone like fighting games? How about fighting games where all the characters have magical powers and moves that are only safe to be used on each other? A little bit more interesting? Marvel Vs. Capcom is a relatively old series, with X-Men vs. Street Fighter being released in 1996, with 3 other games being released before Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It seems the devs took their time for a reason however, as this is my personal favourite fighting game from Capcom let alone Marvel fighting game. I re-purchased this game thanks to an ad I saw on and after playing through it once I remember why I like it so much. 

marvel vs. capcom 3

Spider Man 2

Come on, you didn’t think that I would leave this game off the list did you? Spider man 2 is known around the gaming community as the best Spider man, and the best Marvel game ever made. Spider Man 2 had some amazing controls, especially for a Playstation 2 game. There have been countless other games released since and not a single one has managed to capture the intricacies of web swinging. This game was more popular than any Spider Man movie ever was, which might be why those movies didn't make my list of best Marvel movies. If you guys have never played this game, go and pick up a Playstation 2 and this game right now. Seriously, you will thank me later. 

Spiderman 2 game