Get in Shape for Summer

Hey everyone, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. After a long six months of playing batman games, watching movies, and drinking lots of coffee it is finally time to head outside and get some much needed sun. The only problem is, my body is not at all ready to be on show at the beach. I have gotten a little, shall we say, winter weight. This has happened before, and like last time I just need to work hard to make it go away. Last time this happened I worked out all on my own, with the help of some books and equipment that I bought used on It wasn’t as hard as many people think, and I am here to show you how you too can shed that winter belly.

Summer Running

Free Weights

Don’t get too caught up in all that buzz about spending 30 minutes at every machine in the gym every time you go. If you want to get some real, fast results then skip the machines entirely and move onto free weights. Rubber dumbbells are great for this kind of exercise, as they can be dropped on the ground and should not damage the ground or the dumbbells themselves. I got a great set for cheap on and so far I have been using them every day a week for at least 30 minutes. If you are curious about what exactly you should do with your weights, then you might want to check out Men's Fitness.

rubber dumbbells

Hula Hooping

Yep, you read that right. Hula hooping is no longer just for kids who have too much energy in kindergarten. If done right, hula hooping can increase flexibility, develop core muscle strength and of course, slim off a bit of that belly. If you are going to be using hula hoops for exercise you should make sure that you get quality hoops, so they will be balanced correctly and your exercise will not suffer because of it. I got a great used set of different hula hoops on that I barely had to pay for they were so cheap. Try them out for yourselves, the increase in mobility and flexibility I have had since doing this simple workout is amazing.

hula hooping

Don’t forget to eat Right!

Eating right is the only way you will for sure get rid of that winter weight in time for the summer fun in the sun. Don’t eat too much sugary or fatty foods, and make sure that you are not spending that much time on couch watching TV. It can be nice after a good workout session though. With that note, I am going to relax before having a good night sleep after a long after dinner workout. Maybe I will finally watch those movies I wrote about wanting to see last week. Talk to you all later.